Everyone deserves to be healthy at home and in their community. To have agency over their health regardless of where they live, how much they earn, and what they’ve been taught.

Sadly, in Tasmania we suffer from poor health literacy with a reputation as being Australia’s sickest state. At the same time, our health system is under increasing pressure, with our hospitals bearing the brunt of the burden.

At Salveo Healthcare, our purpose is to keep Tasmanians out of hospital. When we do this, the benefits flow to all areas of our community

No one wants to go to hospital for the sake of it. It can be disempowering and traumatic, and even when you’re receiving the best care it just doesn’t compare to the comfortable and familiar environment of your home or community. It’s also really upsetting for your loved ones who carry the mental load when you’re not able to, worrying about the details on your behalf and often terrified of the unknown. Even with health insurance, the cost of ongoing care can simply be unaffordable.

That’s where Salveo Healthcare can help. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or dealing with a serious health complication, we’ll make these times of uncertainty as simple and positive as possible.

You can spend as much time as you need with our clinical team. We’ll never rush through your concerns, because we know that a ten-minute appointment just isn’t long enough to be really understood and build confidence.

We respect that your situation is unique. Even someone with the same conditions as you experiences things in different way. There’s no one-size fits all solution – you’ll receive your own personalised health plan, which you can update with us as things change.