Palliative Care Tasmania is making preparing an Advance Care Directive easier

If serious illness strikes you or your family, how do you talk about what happens next?

Palliative Care Tasmania, with endorsement from the Tasmanian Government, has launched the Advance Care Directive: This weekend, have an awkward conversation campaign. Tasmanians are being encouraged to engage in conversations about Advance Care Planning and to consider completing and lodging an Advance Care Directive.

Venéy Hiller CEO of Palliative Care Tasmania says:

“If you found yourself suddenly too ill to make treatment decisions, who would make those decisions on your behalf? If you are no longer able to communicate, how would your family, friends or healthcare workers know what you wanted? Starting that healthcare conversation right now may seem awkward but it is incredibly important.”

The campaign aims for all Tasmanians to know the importance of completing an Advance Care Directive, and breaks down the process of completing one into 6 easy steps:

  • Think and talk – What is Advance Care Planning?
  • Write – What is an Advance Care Directive?
  • Choose – Who makes my healthcare decisions?
  • Share – What do I do when I’ve filled in my Advance Care Directive?
  • Review – Can I change or cancel my Advance Care Directive?
  • Register – How do I register my Advance Care Directive?

Hannah Butler who completed an Advance Care Directive with her mother Libbie who has emphysema, shares her perspective on the importance of these conversations.

“Completing an Advance Care Directive with Mum has been an incredible experience. We had the conversation over a cup of coffee, and it’s brought us a sense of clarity and peace. I now feel confident I know what care to choose for Mum. Equally important, my Mum feels secure and empowered knowing her wishes will be met. It is a gift we’ve given each other” Hannah said.

An Advance Care Directive is free to complete, and information and support can be provided by Palliative Care Tasmania.

There is a lot more to know about Advance Care Directives, so please visit the website for more information, speak to your GP or health care worker or call the Helpline on 03 6231 2799.