Being part of a system that’s struggling is tough.

You feel unappreciated and your impact is limited by poor pay, impossible work hours, too many patients and not enough resources. Despite your reasons for becoming a clinician, it’s easy to feel negative about the Tasmanian health system, and especially about our hospitals.

By working with Salveo Healthcare, you can make a far bigger impact. We’re about health, not illness. Focusing on prevention means you can make a difference before people are too sick to help – or even stop them becoming sick in the first place.

Having the time to really listen to your patients in an environment where they feel comfortable means you can build a relationship with them. You become an constant health partner, not an acute transaction.

We’re rightly proud of our clinical team, and even those of us who play supporting roles follow their example in how we approach our work. This is a place where health professionals, and the people that support them, can thrive.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you’ve kept someone out of hospital and helped them enjoy a better life

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