New project paves the way for remote monitoring technology in Tasmania

Salveo Healthcare have become the first partner to bring Clinitouch remote monitoring technology to at-risk patients in Australia with the start of a new project.

Here at Salveo Healthcare we strive to do whatever we can to keep Tasmanians out of hospital and enjoying a healthy life at home. Sometimes this means that we require innovation within our existing programs in order for more Tasmanians to gain benefits.

In the last month, we have begun a pilot of the technology, Clinitouch (an app and dashboard system) within our Advanced Preventative Care program. This program exists to catch problems early, manage existing chronic and acute conditions, and improve overall quality of life by preventing complications and other negative health outcomes. The program is delivered by our team of highly trained nurses who take the program straight into the homes of people who may feel better from it. The Clinitouch technology was chosen for the pilot to support this program to be even more responsive with care.

Today, Healthcare IT News shared our story in their article, Finding success in localising digital tech.

Steve McCullagh, CEO at Salveo Healthcare commented on the pilot:

“Tasmania faces unique challenges with more than half of Tasmanians living outside the capital city, and the highest rates of many chronic health conditions in Australia.

We are committed to bringing whole-of-person, preventative care to Tasmanians across our state.

By partnering with Clinitouch we have found an innovative solution that enables our nursing team to be even more responsive, delivering the right care at the right time. We know that digital platforms can be confusing to those who find technology challenging so it was imperative that this remote monitoring platform had been validated in a similar patient population to be effective. Clinitouch’s long running work in the UK’s NHS provides us with confidence that this system will be well utilised by Tasmanians.”

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