‘Really looked after’: Vicki’s postnatal care after birth of Jimmy

Salveo Healthcare delivers St.Lukes private postnatal service to North and North-West Tasmanians

Recently The Advocate visited Vicki Macdonald, one of the mums who has used the St.LukesHealth private postnatal care service in the North-West, to find out how the service helped her and her newborn Jimmy. Vicki was supported while using the postnatal service by Salveo Healthcare midwife, Sharni Siely.

Jimmy’s birth had been a bit challenging but thanks to Sharni and the postnatal care service, Vicki felt well supported after the birth. Vicki had chosen the hotel stay option to receive her postnatal care, although members may also choose home care too.

“Following Jimmy’s birth, I had a few complications so I left the hospital with medical equipment hanging off me so it was really nice to be in a hotel room with a disabled bathroom and the extra space,” she said.

“You’re really looked after, you don’t have to do housework or cook… it made life nice and easy in that transition back home.”

Giving mums a good start in their recovery after birth with this postnatal care service is important to midwife, Sharni Siely. Sharni is part of the Salveo Healthcare midwifery team that delivers this service. The service ensures the same midwife visits each family for continuity of care.

“It gives mums the opportunity to benefit from their private health insurance, so they receive gift baskets and they will receive vouchers for cleaning services and for physiotherapy services as part of the postnatal package,” she said.

You can read the full article in The Advocate.

St.LukesHealth members in North and North-West Tasmania with pregnancy or obstetric hospital cover may access the private postnatal service.

This information is general in nature and individualised medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner (GP) or appropriate medical practitioner.

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