Salveo Healthcare have become the first partner to bring Clinitouch remote monitoring technology to at-risk patients in Australia with the start of a new project.

Clinitouch technology is now available to patients in Tasmania thanks to a new pilot that launched at the beginning of February. The aim is to keep Tasmanians out of hospital by helping them to manage their healthcare from home. Patients are already seeing the benefits of the new service, with over 100 patients expected to be onboarded to the program by the end of the month.

We have been working alongside Salveo Healthcare to co-design over nine tailored pathways including COPD, diabetes and heart failure. With half of all preventable hospitalisations in Tasmania related to chronic conditions[i], this partnership comes at a crucial time to provide more proactive home-based care to reduce unnecessary hospital visits.

Born from a commitment of making Tasmania the healthiest island on the planet, Salveo Healthcare have added Clinitouch technology to their existing Advanced Preventative Care (APC) program in the first pilot project, with a focus on patients with long-term conditions.

Through the Clinitouch platform, patients can complete health questionnaires and input vital signs from home. This provides real-time remote symptom monitoring that helps Salveo Healthcare’s experienced clinical team to identify at-risk patients and provide more timely, efficient care at a larger scale.

Steve McCullagh, CEO at Salveo Healthcare commented: “Tasmania faces unique challenges with more than half of Tasmanians living outside the capital city, and the highest rates of many chronic health conditions in Australia.

“We are committed to bringing whole-of-person, preventative care to Tasmanians across our state.

“By partnering with Clinitouch we have found an innovative solution that enables our nursing team to be even more responsive, delivering the right care at the right time. We know that digital platforms can be confusing to those who find technology challenging so it was imperative that this remote monitoring platform had been validated in a similar patient population to be effective. Clinitouch’s long running work in the UK’s NHS provides us with confidence that this system will be well utilised by Tasmanians.”

Dr Patricia Diaz (TCM), Business Relationship Manager (Life Sciences & Healthcare and Sports Economy) at the Department for Business and Trade said: “This partnership between Clinitouch and Salveo Healthcare marks a significant step forward in providing innovative, digital healthcare to the people of Tasmania.

“With a shared commitment to a more proactive approach to care, we are excited to see that this partnership is already positively impacting patients in a live project.

“The UK Department for Business and Trade is committed to supporting projects in the life sciences and healthcare sector that help people across the world to stay safe, healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.”

Grant Ricker, Head of International Partnerships at Clinitouch, added: “We’re thrilled to partner with Salveo Healthcare, our first in Australia, to bring innovative remote patient monitoring to Tasmania. Together, we aim to revolutionise patient care, minimise hospitalisations, empower patients, enhance clinical capacity, and usher in a proactive era of home-based healthcare.

“This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about making a tangible impact on lives. We’re excited to embark on this transformative journey with Salveo Healthcare.”

This announcement follows soon after our recent launch into the Middle East and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since our Partner Program’s debut in 2023, we’re proud to say that Clinitouch is now partnered with organisations in over 10 countries and designing digital health projects across five continents.

[i] Tasmanian Department of Health, 2023

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