A personalised private post-natal stay that allows mothers and families the opportunity to rest and get to know their baby while being supported by midwives and lactation consultants.

This service is currently exclusive to eligible St.LukesHealth members in North and North West Tasmania.

Providing the Best in Post-Natal Care for St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Service

Salveo Healthcare is the proud service provider of the St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Service.

As a Tasmanian, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to keeping Tasmanians healthy at home we want every family in this program to get the best post-natal support right from the start.

We know that supporting new parents builds healthy families so our experienced team of midwives and lactation consultants will guide you to feeling connected and confident.

We bring a whole of person approach to the St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Service, so that it is adaptable to the needs of your young family.

The Post-Natal Service program

Your private midwifery program plus extra support

Whether you undertake the St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Service at a hotel or in your home, the Salveo Healthcare team of midwifes and lactation consultants will be there to give support.

Preventative care is key so this comprehensive, whole of person program may include:

  • Midwifery and lactation consultant support:
    • In person at a hotel, or
    • In person at home (if within a 25-kilometre radius of either the Launceston General Hospital, North West Regional Hospital or Novotel Devonport), or
    • A remote service is available for those beyond the 25-kilometre radius.
  • A complimentary pamper pack for you and your baby
  • A complimentary consultation with a physiotherapist
  • A complimentary house clean by a professional cleaner can be arranged if you live within 25-kilometres of Launceston, Burnie and Devonport
  • Nourishing ready made meals or food vouchers (location dependent)

For more information on the StLukesHealth Private Post-Natal Service visit StLuke’sHealth.