Support is available for pregnancy and baby loss

Organisations and resources offering support

Nothing can prepare a parent for the loss of their child; and each person can feel the loss differently. It is for this reason that more organisations now offer specific support to those affected by miscarriage and medical termination, still birth and infant loss.

The following organisations offer a range of specialised supportive services:

If you need immediate counselling or crisis support please contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue.

A little help from Jack

A little help from Jack provide practical resource companions for pregnancy and baby loss and termination for medical reasons (TFMR).

Bears of Hope: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Bears of Hope provide support for families who experience the loss of their baby. Their website includes a range of resources, ways to honour your baby and links for getting counselling support.

The Pink Elephants Support Network

The Pink Elephants Support Network provides the latest resources, information and peer-support for anyone impacted by early pregnancy loss. Using evidence, empathy and connection, their unique digital-first approach offers a single source of specialist support, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Safer Baby

Safer Baby provides culturally adapated resources towards a safer pregnancy. This initiative is being led by the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth (Stillbirth CRE) in partnership with health departments across Australia.


Sands exists because there is life after miscarriage, stillbirth, baby and child death. They offer a 24/7 Bereavement Support Line and a range of online and in person supports.

Still a Birth

Still a Birth is a book of baby loss, grief, hope and support.

This information is general in nature and individualised medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner (GP) or appropriate medical practitioner.

Salveo Healthcare provides these blog resources to support new parents in Tasmania (North & Northwest) as part of St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Services.