Women’s health resources and information

What you need to know

These organisations provide resources and support for women’s health in Tasmania.

You can also visit our post-natal resource pages for specific women’s health resources relating to parenting, motherhood and children’s health.

The Women’s

The Women’s (The Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria) provides excellent fact sheets on a wide variety of women’s health topics with some available in different languages.

Women’s Health & Equality Information Hub

The Women’s Health & Equality Information Hub provides reliable and easily accessible health information. Information is available on advocating for yourself, life stages, sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy and maternal health, preventative health, chronic conditions, mental wellbeing, neurodiversity, violence against women and more.

Women’s Health Tasmania

Women’s Health Tasmania work with Tasmanian women for better health. They provide opportunities to participate (activities, workshops and forums including free online exercise classes), information on general health issues, and can provide individual support.

This information is general in nature and individualised medical advice should be sought from a general practitioner (GP) or appropriate medical practitioner.

Salveo Healthcare provides these blog resources to support new parents in Tasmania (North & Northwest) as part of St.LukesHealth Private Post-Natal Services.